About The Website Valuator

For those building websites and maintaining them - it can become a GRIND and get a bit discouraging at times.


Take a quick break and check the value of your website!


Mike’s Blog team knows that when times get tough, we may want to give up our website - head over to domain brokerage and hope for the best. 


But there is more to it - don’t give up!


Enter your website into the free website evaluator tool and get a report of how much your domain and website is worth.


On top of that - you can also get an idea of where you can improve it.


Want to download the results?


No problem! Create a free account and you can download the website worth generated report as a PDF for you to print and post on your desk.


Even better - use the widget tool and embed it on your website so you can show others how valuable your domain is!


Stay motivated, and keep on track with building true value with Mike’s Blog value tool. Enjoy and share with your friends today at value.mikesblog.com 




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